Patch 22 Petting Farm

Our petting farm is USDA licensed to ensure we provide safe animals provided with the best care back at our farm. We also provide hay for the animals, hand sanitizer, water and feeder machines which require a quarter for handfuls of feed.

Animals included are goats with their kids, sheep with their lambs, bunnies, ducks, pig and/or calf/donkey!

The 'Barnyard Buddies' Petting Farm
The 'Barnyard Buddies' Petting Farm

Our petting farm is set up in a 16x 16 ft. pen that is easily accessable with an entry gate and a petting farm gatekeeper to assist with animals and keep the pen clean!

The cost for a petting farm is $400 for first 2 hours. There is a 2 hour minimum for setting up pen. Each additional hour is $125. Additional fees may be added for long distance travel or local discounts may be applied.

Goats and lambs and kids
Goats and lambs and kids, oh my!

Here are some early kids and lambs in spring of 2011! This is an example of the goats and lambs on a typical Petting Farm.

We also have many farm animals displayed for our private parties that are free to view! And they all love to be fed (25 cents for feed).

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